Artist Biography

Born in 1982 to a librarian and an engineer, Liz Grotyohann has a meticulous attention to detail, a thirst for knowledge, and a love of ephemera that serve her well in the myriad aspects of her creative work.

Trained as a graphic designer at MICA in Baltimore, Liz had the good fortune to learn design from some of the greats—Ellen Lupton, Abbott Miller and Chip Kidd, if name dropping is the order of the day. She has spent the years since honing her design skills, and has had a few adventures along the way.

For 40-plus hours a week she works as a graphic designer, specializing in exhibition and environmental graphics. She recently took part in the exhaustive expansion and renewal of Liberty Science Center, where she designed three exhibitions, building signage and a large educational center within the museum.

When her nine-to-five day is done, she gets to work with her hands, shifting the scale of her creative work from large-scale public exhibitions to intimate, personal collages and assemblages. Influenced by the likes of Rauschenberg and Cornell, Liz loves the storytelling abilities afforded by found object art.

Lately, an exploration of recycling and repurposing of household waste has led Liz into the realm of craft, designing beautiful and fuctional objects from materials that would otherwise be discarded. She is also working on a line of jewelry based on her collage art.

A unit of measurement used in printing and typography.

P I C A   P I C A
Black-billed magpie, latin name.
(See also magpie: Someone who collects things cast off by others)